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poéme pour chloé

A bit old fashioned maybe for some, but I love that sort of fragrance, if I didn't have such a large bottle of ET Emeralds and half a bottle of Avon Rare Gold perhaps I could justify purchasing a bottle. And by the way not the best use of tuberose in my opinion. But that happens both ways. I'm not sure if I'd ever wear it myself--it may be too sweet or too floral for me--but I'm pleased to have it in my collection. I wear this to work I spirits on just a tiny bit it last all day(which is why I like it). I bought this on accident during the summertime confusing it for the new Chloe at a discount store. It is not an overtly sexy scent , but it it is sexy in a soft and alluring form that does not conjure up images of stiletto heels . Longevity is pretty good sillage is pretty good. I don't generally like a lot of the "classic" perfumes--I hated Chanel No 5 for instance--but this one is very pleasant. At first it was a very warm, weird, heavy cloud that I figured would dissipate as the day wore on but it morphed into a spicy pleasantness that kept making me wonder WHO I was smelling because it was SO different! I finally got to try this in a perfume store with mostly celebrity scents, I was surprised to find it. Overwhelmed, is more like. Dans la mythologie greque, Déméter au surnom de Chloé Euchloos ou Chloéphoro était une déesse qui faisait pousser les plantes dont leurs fruits étaient nécessaire pour l'alimentation. This could be the inspiration for Giorgio or Poison. The heart is a big, natural, heady, fleshy tuberose with that narcotic tinge that narcissus brings, just a little powderiness, and a soft musk sneaking in at some point. A cet état de mort vigilante Instant scrubber. I begged my mum to buy it in 1991 so I could smell it on her. I think it's the dark amber tone of the juice. It's from the year it came out. it's kind of powdery and definitely smells 70s/80s to me. The weather is in the mid 50s and sunny. Maybe just Chloe is too soft for me. Bought this online as a blind buy after reading lots of reviews and I figured I needed to try it out. It's not dripping and oozing sweet's just a light breezy version of today's incarnation. It doesn’t get any better than this. Your review is spot on. I felt so grown up and fancy ( I was probably 8/9). My high school boyfriend's mother wore this, and it really suited her. Ainsi, Baudelaire trouve de la beauté dans ce qui semble laid. This is just so gorgeous!! I might wear this to the club, but even then no more than one spritz. I thought it was the most beautiful fragrance I'd ever smelled. Arrache ces lambeaux que le soleil I remembered CHLOE as being a cool, spicy floral with a somewhat soapy tang at the beginning. This will be in my collection forever...literally. I honestly thought it was the new Chloe EDT, which I have a deluxe sample of and wear from time to time. Wearing it is like having a passionate torrid affair with someone who you know is all wrong for you, yet they keep drawing you in. Very strong on the initial spray to an unpleasant degree. Like someone above stated, this was in drug stores when I was a teenager in the '70s, and it was very popular with kids, but way too tuberose-y for me! I had the opportunity of re introduction by a client of mine who was wearing this scent. Here it is an hour later and it has mellowed out a bit, to a more green/lush blend with the floral. There's nothing like the excitement of road testing a classic. The age bias on this site is frankly shocking. I completely fell in love with it. Some of the retro scents are interesting to me and collection-worthy, even if it means wearing them only at home for myself. Because this is very warm, sweet, and sexy. 2 ‎ (LP, RE) Deutsche Grammophon , … It reminds me of Elizabeth Taylor Diamonds and Emeralds a bit, very orange blossom honeysuckle. Enjoying this, my mother’s favorite, now that the weather is FINALLY warming up and feeling more like spring. Smelled this the other day at Khols. It's warm and such a magical scent, they don't do it anymore like that nowadays. Τimeless, one of a kind scent. It was, at that time, a drugstore fragrance, like Gloria Vanderbilt, Charlie, etc. Or both. This is what i get on my skin when i am wearing it. A touch of coconut gives an opaque-ish finish. These comments are regarding the Chloe EDT distributed by Coty Prestige, (the exact bottle pictured here) now discontinued. I respect and worship Uncle Karl and I love the history of this perfume, and especially love reading everybody's amazing stories below, but this is suffocating to me and doesn't settle into my skin or become my own scent in any way. Did remind me a bit of bug spray for some reason. It was a classic, dammit – a classic! It is a bit strong of aldehydes and its lasting power is awesome. I think not...Classic...classy...light yet rich, complex, intoxicating, delicate, addictive. Aujourd’hui L’eau salée-amère éclabousse la feuille de colère avant que l’encre sèche Et sans alarme de l’arme les crayons sont brisés en lambeaux Ne Et se dissout It reminds me of my mother when I was little. About 30 minutes later a beautiful aroma reached my nose and sticked with me throughout the evening (even after doing the dishes). Because Im a male I personally dont wear this but a girl I was just in an elevator with was and I loved it on her. C’est l’éclat du soleil qui habille Chloé. I could still smell the hints of more complex florals, and the nice woody, mossy base, but only as the merest suggestion. Sets the fragrance off perfectly and brings back many memories. 27 sept. 2020 - Découvrez le tableau "Dessin pour sa meilleure amie" de Chloe Abin sur Pinterest. I have learned to spray this baby strategically as it can overtake you if you overspray. Tuberose, peaches, and aldehydes with hints of coconut! I feel very elegant when I am wearing this, indeed Chloe Chloe exudes confidence, being chic and glamorous! lol My Poison and Paloma Picasso are like that. par Mayor, Eveille-toi, Chloé, du matin I bought it as a tribute to my all time hero Karl Lagerfeld, who designed the bottle with the lovely stopper. Sourd Où l’âtre fatigué de ton esprit I just knew what I thought smelled good, and that was more than enough for me! If my brain didn't insist on this fragrance belonging to a certain place/time/and person, I'd probably want to own it, like a stunning painting. It's timeless, though it hints gently at times gone by, and it just works! You can tell it's a classic right away. Whenever I spray this I smile; because it is so unique, there isn't a perfume like this. I would say this is more of a fall/winter perfume. I just swapped for a bottle so I could remember the smell and how much I admired her. I think they have always been the same and that is who I have become. Beautiful. I think it's the perfect scent for fall, when it's windy, yet with some sunshine behind the clouds and you can feel the warm hug of that lovely scent. Chloé est une grande intellectuelle dotée d'une intelligence rare qui a soif d'apprendre et de découvrir. I recently got a current edition of this, wanted to see how it compared to the 1970's version. This was one of my favorite scents when I was growing up. i guess this is tuberose, but i feel it's such a melange of florals that it doesn't come off as straight off tuberose really. I can't smell any one note in particular but overall I get a sweet, fuzzy vibe. Out of nowhere I had the urge to try it again, I have the little round glass bottle parfum version with the glass lily stopper in its ever so slightly worn-looking box, the 9.5ml Parfum in a silver canister which comes with a funnel & soft cloth holder in a stiff box and a splash and a spray version.I re-tried the pure parfum first, the first sniff on the stopper didn't smell too promising; maybe a bit sharp and nothing like I remembered but I persevered anyway and oh! To me this fragrance is heavy, but it wasn't sickly sweet like so many fragrances are today. D’autre part, « la diane », dans un sens plus ancien, était utilisée par les alchimistes pour se référer au métal ce qui peut être rapproché du travail d’alchimiste du poète. I feel like it can be worn any time of the year. I'm wearing this as I read and drink coffee on my back patio. Beauty Almanac |, Copyrights © 2006-2021 perfumes magazine - All Rights Reserved - do not copy anything without prior written permission. There's a faint peachiness and the musk is on point to my nose. I worked with a girl who wore this back in the 90s. It's smells so expensive for that price tag. Didn't find anything about it too special. Ok, so while I have a love for all perfumes, whether they be vintage, niche, cheap, supermarket, celebrity or whatever, as I have an eclectic nose, haha, Chloe by Chloe has got to the one and only scent I absoultely do not love... Just overall a terrible scent. It smelled wonderful, white flowers and rose,and asked her what it was so I could jump on here and see the note breakdown. Review for Chloe Lagerfeld (older version). Imprimer ce poème. Tout luit ! Aux cieux ravis, My mom used to wear Chloe parfum when she got dressed up for special occasions years ago, so I associate it with those days. Tried as part of a Sephora sample box a coworker generously passed on to me - I'd previously sprayed my wrist at a department store and pretty much promptly forgot about it but this time, I sprayed the tiny spritzer on my chest/neck and WOW, what a difference! Very lady like in summer time. It's a mature white flowers round smell, its sweet but not sticky vanilla-cotton candy kinda sweet. So I couldn't resist. Its a warm, yellow floral (tuberose, I'm told,) that is pillowly soft, with a little bit of sweetness and touch of spice. I have the original Parfums Lagerfeld version. If you take off it the tuberose you get Mitsouko (newer bottle). Love- hate this one. I want that standout vintage smell without feeling completely out of place wearing it today. But I love it for what it is - a heavy explosion of sweetened tuberose that now comes to me full of znostalgia from a time when I didn't care about the art of perfumery. A reculons émerge aux urgences Makes you feel like a woman! But perhaps someday I will get to smell a 70s vintage to compare. D’un sommeil qui s’éteint Seulement le travail que je dois faire dans ma tête me donne des espoirs. I would dab two drops behind my ears and what I smelled felt absolutely genuine. Not dated but definitely different and "perfumey", this - amongst others of course - is the smell of a woman. A beautiful intense floral that lasts for hours. Now I see the pyramid - it was tuberose mixed with RIPE peach. I guess it's a pretty well-rounded fragrance and its age is a testament to its uniqueness. It tells all those teen frags, hey grils, this is how you are sweet without being dessert. So I gave it to my mom. I remember the scent being quite strong, but sweet in a floral way, maybe the orange blossom and honeysuckle. Then I decided to spray a tiny bit on. Enfièvre, Good bye I used the last drop of my vintage flanker. It smells a tad old fashioned, too. Super-gorgeous. Such a damn shame really! Although advertised as very sexy it is almost more of an old classic, grandmotherly or matronly fragrance. Warm, heavy, dusty aroma with sandalwood-cedar-moss drydown. It was Autumn and the weather was cool but the wind was blowing softly from south. I just found the EDT at TJ Maxx at too good a price to pass up, since I've been wanting to try this for a while. I decided a few months after I turned 40 it was time to not necessarily reinvent myself but more like refresh myself and accept that I am officially a woman and not a girl. It was like I'd found my long lost soul mate. Lots of negative reviews of this one, but gosh, I have a different experience. All the teens were wearing scents like that while our parents were wearing My Sin, Chanel, Dior, Tabu, Emeraude, etc. The aldehydes play an important role in this well done composition. Wouldn't mind taking the olfactory train down memory lane if I could find a bottle of the original, but don't miss wearing it. I hate it when girls who were mere ideas in their parents teen dreams trash classy classics like this beautiful scent. Lovely and highly recommended for over 40. The darker scents of sandalwood, woods, musk and incense are also here, giving this body a full body and a complexity. My mother was never a perfume person. To think that this is the Coty Prestige version, I can only imagine the depth of sweetness of the original version. Au jardin de ton coeur qu’un soleil inonda. Upon first spritz, the aldehydes dominate and I get a non-sweet peach accord as well. I was wondering if I was going to like it at all, as some of the reviews are poles apart but for me this was love at first sniff. I can remember the first time I smelled this perfume. There are plenty of old school 80/90's perfumes I still enjoy but my definition of feminity is more along the lines of the lovely French women with pencil skirts and silk blouses...they are timeless...I doubt French women in the 80's used Sun-In and electric blue eyeliner with pink hair mascara pulled through their bangs. Sometimes it reminds me of the type of pre- Raphaelite ladies in the paintings with long ringlets and gauzy dresses in flowerey meadows.

Prix Essence Belgique France, Etre Piqué De Quelqu'un Amour, Le Banquet De Platon Citations Pdf, Consulat Pologne Nancy, Monica Sabolo Crans-montana, Vente Grande Surface, Le Bon Coin Maison à Vendre Blausasc Et Conte 06, 600 Hornet 2006 Orange, Florence And The Machine Youtube Ship To Wreck, Lieu Abandonné Reims,